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For companies

Low vitality, high rates of sick leave, tight labour market and high staff turnover. These are just some of the challenges you face as an employer. How do you keep your employees motivated, vital and engaged?

The offer

Outeroffice offers work away from work

Working from inspiring locations in nature, combined with outdoor activities. Not only does this ensure more vital, but also more productive employees and a more attractive employer brand.


Boost employee engagement

Learn how we set up a programme for EY Tax and HVG Law's newly appointed senior consultants


How it works

You decide when, how often and for how long you offer your employees work away from work.

It depends on the needs of your company and employees. Are you struggling to find the right people? Or do you want to reward your team for reaching their targets? A project team that has to focus on that particular project? An option within the personal choice budget? A week away with the whole company to combine work with team building? Anything is possible.

Get in touch

We are happy to think along about how you can use work away from work for more productive and satisfied employees!

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