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For employees

Imagine exchanging the view you have from your desk,
for the view you see above. And imagine exchanging your daily commute for an after work surf or ski session. 

It is that feeling we want to share.
That’s why we started Outeroffice. 

As a company

Outeroffice focuses primarily on companies. Would you like to spend a week working away from work with your colleagues?

Leave us a message so we can get in touch with your company. Or download our introduction leaflet to share with your manager. Available in Dutch and English.


Any questions?

Send us a message


As an individual

Not managed to convince your employer (yet), but still wanting to work away from work

Sign up for one of our co-work weeks. Each year, at every location, we offer the opportunity for everyone to sign up. You will just be working, but combined with outdoor activities. 

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