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You will probably find the answer to your questions below. Do you have another question? Please contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible!

  • Who is Outeroffice?
    Outeroffice offers work away from work. We offer companies remote workplaces in the middle of nature, combined with outdoor activities. This leads to productive, inspired and more vital employees. We primarily offer our services to employers. In addition, every year there are a few weeks with open enrollment, when individual employees and freelancers can sign up. Outeroffice was founded at the end of 2021 by Emiel Rense and Jitske Volkert.
  • What's included?
    The accommodation, three meals a day, at least two outdoor activities a week, the possibility to work with an extra screen, keyboard and mouse (if communicated in advance) and the use of meeting rooms. And above all: great nature right outside the door. So make sure you bring your walking or running shoes!
  • Does the employer or the employee pay?
    That is for the employer and employee to decide. One employer may pay everything for his employees, other employers will ask for a contribution.
  • What does it cost?
    The price depends on the location, date, number of people and additional activities. Roughly speaking, a fully catered week away with Outeroffice cost between €1,500 and €2,500, excluding travel costs.
  • When is the best time to go to which of the locations?
    Our programmes take place outside of the school holidays. Per location we recommend the following months for work away from work: - Portugal: year round - Norway: July, Aug, Sept, Feb, March and April. Without catering the apartments are available year round - Germany: year round
  • How do I get there?
    That is up to you. A road trip to Norway with colleagues? Highly recommended! Prefer the train? In six hours you can be at our location in Germany. The shuttle from the train station or airport to our location is included.
  • With how many people do I have to share a bedroom?
    Depending on the location, we have apartments or hotel rooms available. We always assume one bedroom per person. If preferred, it is possible to choose for two people per bedroom.
  • What do the working areas look like?
    You can decide where you work: in your room or apartment, in the communal area or outside at the picnic table. At all our locations, we also ensure that screens, keyboards, etc. are installed in a fixed place where you can easily connect your laptop.
  • Is participation in the activities obligatory?
    At Outeroffice, we believe that exercising in nature is good for everyone. Studies show that it has positive effects on both mental and physical health. It reduces stress and provides an overall positive feeling. The activities are suitable for all levels. We recommend participation, but nothing is compulsory.
  • Why did you select these locations?
    All our locations have been carefully selected on accessibility, nature, sports possibilities, facilities and working space, variety of food (also vegetarian), diversity of our different locations and the connection with the owners of the location. We have worked from all locations ourselves and have tried out the activities.
  • Can we also combine it with a training or development track?
    Yes, we work together with a well-known training and coaching company. They can provide a tailor-made training programme, depending on your wishes.
  • How long do my employees go for?
    We recommend at least one week. That way your employees can really get away from it all, and don't have to travel on weekdays. However, anything is possible, so please get in touch to share your ideas!
  • Can we get a customised programme?
    Yes, you can. We offer a standard package per location, but we'd love to make a program tailored to your wishes: a shorter or longer stay, additional activities, and we also have a partnership with a training company for a tailor-made development program
  • How can we offer this to our employees?
    That depends on your needs. There are numerous possibilities. You can offer it to all your employees and go all at once, or in different groups. You can offer it to employees who have achieved their targets, or to people who have been employed for an x-number of years. You can offer it to new employees. As an option in a personal budget. To a project team that has to spend a week focusing on that one big project. Or in combination with a management course. Anything is possible!
  • Why should I offer this to my employees?
    Because it is what millennials and Gen Z’ers want. And after reading the next few lines, you want it too. Being in nature increases productivity (1) and reduces feelings of stress (2). Furthermore, it creates better relationships and cooperation between colleagues, and sharing a fun experience increases engagement and creates an attractive employer brand.
  • How big is the group?
    That totally depends on your wishes and the location. The minimum is four people.
  • Will my employees actually be working at all?
    Yes they will. The programme of Outeroffice offers more than enough time to make your regular working hours. And your employees do not have to worry about shopping, cooking, cleaning, picking up the children... So they will be more focused!
  • Why are we not doing this yet?
    Not a clue! Contact us and let us convince you of the advantages of work away from work!
  • How often should we offer this?
    You can make it an annual routine, but it is also possible to offer this on a one-off basis. Up to you!
  • Does it cost me days off?
    That is for the employer and employee to discuss. The programme of Outeroffice offers more than enough time to make your regular working hours. It can happen that there is a surf session planned on one of the mornings or a mountain bike tour in the afternoon, but then you will be sitting in front of your computer a few hours later feeling fresher than ever.
  • Can I also book individually?
    Outeroffice organises a few weeks per year on open subscription. On this page you will find more information.
  • What does the support of Outeroffice include?
    Prior to departure Outeroffice provides both employer and employees all relevant information. During your stay: each location has a local contact person for practical questions about the stay. And we are always ready to help!
  • What are the cancellation conditions regarding COVID?
    If the travel advice for the country is negative, the trip will be rescheduled. Please see our travel conditions for more information.
  • Can I invest in Outeroffice?
    Not yet, but please send us a message if you are interested. We will contact you.
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