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Our story

Nature has always made us unwind and see things with a clear view. Sitting behind your computer is so much better when you’ve already spent some time in -10C with snow blowing in your face, on a beach with the smell of the ocean, or in a misty forest smelling the pine trees. 


We want other people to experience that too.

Emiel, founder

Let people experience 

the outdoors

I want to let people experience the outdoors. Owning an outdoor company focused on business outings, I’ve seen what a few hours on a paddle board can do. Flipping burgers for my guests during sunset, I noticed how time slowed down and conversations changed. After only four hours, when we get back to the harbour, the guests often tell me they have the feeling that they’ve been on a holiday. That was 4 hours, imagine what a week can do. That’s the feeling I want to share with our clients.

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Jits LinkedIn.jpg

Jitske, founder

Redefining the

work-life balance 

As a marketing manager I was working 9 to 5. Or 6. Finishing everything that was on my plate before I allowed myself to do the other things I love. That's what my working life looked like. Working remotely taught me that I am much more productive when I take the time for a split board tour in the morning, or a long walk with our dog.

There is no better way to unwind after an intense conference call, than by surfing a great wave or knee-deep powder. I'd love to share that feeling with you and your team. So let's work away from work.

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Outeroffice in the media

Last summer the Dutch news website wrote an article about how we practice what we preach in the French Alps

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