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Our offering

Low vitality, high rates of sick leave, tight labour market and high staff turnover. These are just some of the challenges you face as an employer. How do you keep your employees motivated, vital and engaged?

The offer

We offer workspaces in nature, combined with outdoor activities

Whether you want to work, meet, or learn away from work, Outeroffice offers the perfect tailor-made trips. All from inspiring locations in nature, interspersed with active outdoor activities. Not only does this ensure more vital, but also more productive employees and a more attractive employer brand.


Tailored experiences

Whether you're seeking a team-building program or a location to enhance productivity, we've got you covered! Our offerings are always paired with outdoor activities to maximise productivity.

Meet away from work

Get together in nature for meetings or team-building

Learn away from work

Elevate your professional development program

Work away from work

For fully focused work in nature-based locations

"For me, it was really an eye-opener to learn that it is perfectly possible to work first, then do an outdoor activity, and then work some more. And that you are way more productive if you organise your day that way."

Marchien Verbeek, HR Business Partner Tax EY, about the program we set up for their newly appointed senior consultants

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that matches your company's needs!

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