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Work away
from work

Business trips to nature,
combined with outdoor activities



Because we believe there's a need for new ways to attract and engage employees

Levels of burnout are alarmingly high, people switch jobs faster than ever, and there are more vacancies than employees to fill them. Offering your employees an Outeroffice experience creates an attractive employer brand, keeps employees engaged and vital.

mtb rallarvegen


Nature isn’t just pretty, it enhances performance

As a proven stress reliever, it sparks creativity, increases concentration skills, and boosts overall positivity. When you factor in the positive effects of being active, your team will not only work better but also feel better! So, let's get out there and embrace nature!

Snowkite haugastøl

Where to go?

We have found some amazing locations. Where you can focus on work without distractions, feel at home and where you're surrounded by amazing nature. 

Do you want to
go out there?

We create a tailor-made Outeroffice experience for your team

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