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Work away
from work

Escape the traditional office and immerse your team in nature's embrace with our work away from work offering. Experience the positive effects of nature and being outdoors on your productivity and creativity. 

Equip for success

We will make sure you have everything to get the job done

From extra screens and keyboards to fully equipped meetings rooms, we’ve got you covered. Plus, unwind after a productive day with our tailored outdoor programs. Just bring your laptop and don’t forget your hiking boots!

ski haugastol.jpg

Elevate results

Boost productivity, foster creativity, and strengthen team bonds

Fully focused work or collaborate on projects amidst stunning natural landscapes. Alternated with outdoor activities to boost productivity and wellbeing. Discover how our tailored programs can revolutionise your work week.

Contact us for a proposal to match your needs

We are happy to think along about how you can use work away from work for more productive and satisfied employees.

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