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EY x Outeroffice

EY Tax and HVG Law were looking for innovative ways to strengthen team morale and foster personal growth among their newly appointed senior consultants. They wanted an activity that was not only fun and engaging but also aligned with EY's 'better me' programme - a personal development initiative. Working together with Linda Donkers, we developed a tailored programme that offered the perfect combination of team building and personal development in the Harz-region, Germany. Check out the video below for a recap of this programme.


Bodetaler basecamp

This spacious hotel in the beautiful Harz region is just a six hour train ride away from Amsterdam. All rooms are equipped with a desk for focused work. In addition, there is a training room and a large café where you can work alongside your colleagues.


Outdoor activities

Besides the training, we set up an accessible but challenging outdoor programme: a hike on the Harzer Hexenstieg, where you have to cross Europe's longest suspension bridge, and a guided e-mountain bike tour, where the electric bike turned out to be no luxury - even for experienced athletes.



The programme evaluation showed that all participants found it to be highly valuable. In particular the combination of outdoor activities with the personal development training,  as well as the opportunity to get to know colleagues better and share experiences.

"I noticed that if I have exercised for a while and then go back to work, I have better concentration and can get back to work with a lot of energy."

Luc Bruls, Senior Consultant
Business Tax Advisory - EY

Do you want to set-up a unique programme for your employees?

Get in touch to create a personalised program that combines outdoor activities with work or training that will benefit your team both personally and professionally.

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