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Haugastøl 1000 moh

Our locations

All our locations are great environments to get work done, while enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding you. Just bring your laptop and outdoor gear, and you're good to work away from work.

What's in the package?

Our packages for one week work away from work include

  • One week accommodation 

  • Private bedrooms

  • Full board

  • Two activities per week

  • Starting from four people per week


To fully experience the word 'remote'. For lovers of mountains, snow and lakes

Mountain bike rallarvegen


Ocean side escape on the cliffs, overlooking the sea


Wilderness, mountains and fairy-like villages. Harz area has it all

Uitzicht park ochttendzon.jpg


Dutch nature at its best: a calm wooded area and a beautiful nature reserve

Every location is equipped with 

  • Monitors

  • Keyboards and mouses

  • Stable, high quality Internet

  • Delicious coffee

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