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Enhancing Sustainable Employability with Outeroffice: Unveiling the MDIEU Subsidy

In a world where burnout rates continue to rise, and where people are retiring later than ever, ensuring the sustainable employability of your employees is paramount. This is especially true now, and we have good news: all Dutch companies have the opportunity to apply for a subsidy to enhance the sustainable employability of their team. This opportunity falls under the temporary Customized Scheme for Sustainable Employability and Earlier Retirement (in Dutch: Maatwerkregeling Duurzame Inzetbaarheid en Eerder Uittreden, or MDIEU in short), which runs until 2025.

Sustainble employability with Outeroffice

Invest in Sustainable Employability with Outeroffice

Outeroffice is here to assist you in elevating the sustainable employability of your employees. In our Learn away from work programs, we bring participants closer to nature, organise accessible yet challenging outdoor activities, and provide space to work. This leads to reduced stress¹ ², heightened creativity, improved problem-solving skills³, and an overall enhancement of health and well-being. Discover how our client EY Tax benefited from our approach.

Additionally, we offer tailor-made training for teams and individuals that enhance sustainable employability, such as personal leadership, healthy working, core values, and competencies. Learn more about our learn away from work offering and the trainers we work with on this page.

What Does the MDIEU Subsidy Entail?

With the MDIEU, the government aims to encourage companies to invest in the sustainable employability of their employees. Therefore, the existing subsidy scheme has been temporarily expanded. Every company is unique, and the government understands that programs need to be tailored to the company's culture. That's why companies that conduct an analysis and create an activity plan that aligns with their specific needs can receive up to 50% of the program's costs subsidized. For more information about MDIEU, you can visit this website.

Key Subsidy Conditions

Here are the essential conditions for the subsidy:

  • Please note that the MDIEU subsidy is exclusively available to Dutch companies.

  • Subsidy applications are possible from April 2 april to April 26 and September 2 to September 27, 2024, for activities aimed at enhancing sustainable employability in the workplace.

  • The subsidy ceiling for this application period is €250,000,000.

  • The requested subsidy must be a minimum of €75,000 (reduced from €125,000).

  • Companies receive a subsidy up to 50% for activities related to sustainable employability.

  • The subsidy application includes an analysis in which you describe the bottlenecks and issues related to sustainable employability, as well as an activity plan consisting of sustainable employability activities.

  • The project period to increase the sustainable employability of employees can run until December 31st, 2025, at the latest.

  • For more information on administrative obligations after subsidy approval, please refer to this website.

In essence, the MDIEU offers a fantastic opportunity to invest in the future of your employees and your organisation. Sustainable employability is the key to a healthy and successful work environment. If you believe this is the right fit for your organisation, please contact us to arrange an obligation-free appointment.


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